8 years


15 cm


9 mm


26 g

Of plexiglass




"The tropical tiger mosquito continues its colonization and establishes
itself permanently in metropolitan France and Europe..."

Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Malaria... With over 800,000 deaths per year, the mosquito is the deadliest animal in the world.

On Earth since time immemorial, the Egyptians were already documenting in their writings the epidemics of deadly diseases caused by this insect.

Scientists says that the ability of the mosquito to adapt to modern chemical agents has shown that total elimination was impossible or even dangerous for humans.

Against the tiger mosquito "Aedes," our innovation is undoubtedly the simplest, cleanest, and most natural solution for controlling the proliferation of this pest.

 The idea

“ Convert your flowerpots into a deadly maze
which suffocates and drowns mosquito larvae…“

Besides the rare natural breeding sites, studies have shown that the main source of mosquitoes, especially in urban areas, remains the saucers under potted plants in apartments.

The first solution is therefore to eradicate all potential breeding sites, but customs and habits mean that flower pots, beloved by city dwellers, still remain very prevalent in our homes.

Incubated after 8 years of field experimentation at the Fablab in Guadeloupe, this patented invention has been validated by several public and private organizations since then.

Derived from several years of statistical studies on larval swimming behavior, our trap placed at the bottom of a saucer of potted water kills naturally and systematically within a few hours.


“ To eradicate a larva today is to eliminate
a complicated flying mosquito to kill tomorrow…“

Les scientifiques sont unanimes : 
Scientists are unanimous: "It would be catastrophic to try to completely eradicate mosquitoes, as they form the basis of the diet for a biodiversity essential to our own survival."

Since flower pots are the favorite domestic breeding site for mosquitoes, and their flight range does not exceed 100 meters, equipping oneself is a collective citizen's gesture to be encouraged.

The organic matter in the potting soil transforms the water into an ideal nourishing environment in the eyes of the female mosquito for her larvae. There is no need for any kind of bait!

As soon as they hatch, the microscopic larvae will only live until they attempt to feed at the bottom of the saucer and drown in the deadly labyrinth formed by the trap's cells.


“ Hidden under a plant well positioned and watered,
the efficiency of the trap is optimum for whole months.“


Your favorite plants become maintenance-free larval traps, your daily ally against this scourge, all year round in the tropics, and from spring to autumn in Europe.

Your plants naturally thrive in the best spots of your living space, whether indoors or in the garden, creating shade and a cool environment conducive to the creation of a breeding site... containing the deadly trap!

Usable indoors as well as outdoors because it is rain-resistant, the trap will only require occasional checking of the water level in case of high temperatures, which can lead to significant evaporation.

The circle is "virtuous"; natural residues from the potted plant and the decomposition of the larvae maintain the nutritional appeal of the water, serving as the bait for your maintenance-free egg-laying trap.


"Indoors and outdoors, your ornamental plants
are now actively combating the proliferation of mosquitoes."


more than 97%* efficiency guaranteed


no chemicals, energy source or bait


Totally submerged below the surface


Treats existing gites directly


Quick and easy to install


For a few Euros only


Effective every day and for a long time


100% recycled and recyclable plastic

*In under 48 hours, ARS Guadeloupe test 02/08/2023


 Yes, but...

"It's too good to be true...""If it were that simple, it would already exist...",
"I don't believe in magic...""If your thing works..."

Given the multitude of gadgets, new products, electronic devices, and phone applications supposedly meant to save us from mosquitoes,
it's normal to doubt our method, based on a principle as simple as it is incredible.

Moreover, nothing beats a complete demonstration and an official test result:

*Video is a bit long (6 hours!), but guaranteed without any tricks...


*Official test results of the ARS Guadeloupe trap 2023


*Our low-tech innovation was awarded at the prestigious international Lépine competition in Paris in 2023,
and won several distinctions, including the Eco-Innovative Project Trophy 2022 in Guadeloupe.

We often encounter this type of thinking: 'How could your simple 3D thing, placed underwater, kill a complex organism
that has been living there for millions of years, and which we have struggled to eliminate with our technology for centuries?'

In response, to explain our principle, simply think of its similarity to fish traps used by fishermen.
No advanced technology is needed for the operation of a fish trap, and fish do not develop resistance to the active principle used ;

this system has been working flawlessly for over 2000 years !


*A typical-shaped Guadeloupe fish trap, the inspiration behind our design...

 Online Store

“ Invented less than 2 years ago, and already available for sale...

Our pre-series production is based on the machining process of translucent plexiglass, a slow but energy-efficient method. The flexibility of this process has allowed us to start quickly, enabling the development of industrial injection plastic production, scheduled for late 2024


So for this season, you'll find our pre-series Guppytraps for sale on the online store of our partner,
a specialist in organic products and insect control, penntybio.com


In addition to this mosquito larvae trap for potted plants, other patented applications of our principle are currently under development with the help of our partners, for other potential breeding sites such as gutters, vases, rain barrels, water troughs, and sewer drains.

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